“Well howdy do, friends and neighbors and a Big Chicken Welcome to our foreign visitors today!”

B. just looked at Lola wondering which of them was the foreigner, with Lola just saying, “Uh. Thanks a heap, Sir. and what might your name be?”

“Just call me Un. Everyone who is anyone does, so why should it bes any different with the likes of you folk?”

If Un was characteristic of the the other 6 residents of the town of Chicken, then our hapless Kenaians were in for a week of more than just Fun and Games than the advertisement had promised them! Un came from the town of…

“Gosh Lola. It was just getting interesting until the Newsreel gone went and broke! Now, we might never find out where “Un” comes from and all?”

“Look you. I haven’t any idea what you are babbling about, so just smile and accept the key to the room or the town, whichever he decides to give us and let’s find our cabin and freshen-up a bit before….

Un interrupted Lola by saying, “We’s don’t have that many rules around here, but one of them is that you needs to leave your Penguin at the door! You know how theys are always shedding and spitting their-“

“But we don’t have any Penguins with us, do we?” said with a stern look at B., who just stared at his feet and ..

“Well. Just to be sure, that’s all” said Un as he found their key and waited for them to put their “X” in the register. “It says, Lola and B. without a Last Name! Well, well, well. Yous wouldn’t be on the Lam from the Law, would you now?” said as he looked at Lola and the “Wanted Posters” on the wall behind the counter. “Yous look a bit like that crazed woman who stabbed her lover to death at some Motel in the next Country down the line, -reading while squinting- then saying, “Kenai Peninsula, Alaska……”

“but we are still in Alaska, aren’t we Mr, -Uh- Un” said B. while squinting as well, then looking back at Lola, who by now sported a pair of sunglasses, ostensibly snow-glasses, which she-

“Alaska, my good man, is just a concept created by others to define what the rest of us know as reality! You might as well call it Un-Alaska for all I know, but that can be left to discussion, can’t it now?”

Lola and B. smiled as they edged towards the door. “Well, Un” said Lola after a while. “We’ll be on our way to our Cabin now.” Perhaps we’ll meet again later on?” said while crossing her fingers behind her back, while B. only said, “and here is to you and yours as well!” said while exiting the building and continuing on to points unknown.

“Uh, Lola. Are we really in Alaska, or is that just a concept?”

Lola responded by saying, “That man is as crazy as the day is long in the summertime in Alaska! and that is not Unalaska, either!”

Upon finding their cabin, Lola went into the bathroom to “freshen up”. “Gosh Lola. I’ve always wondered about that expression, “freshen up”. Is it some sort of Spray, or do you -“

“I find it amazing that you still don’t understand women” said by Lola as she did what she did and was good at it, I’d imagine?

“You see” said as he finished reading the last paragraph then saying “Even the Newsreel guy doesn’t really know what “Freshen Up” really means?”

Lola popped her head out of the bathroom door saying, “The Newsreel Guy, who?”

Just then there was a knock at the door…

“Uh Lola. You just pop back into your “Freshening routine” while I see who it is.” She disappeared while he went to the front door, opening it saying, “I told you to hide in the back room, didn’t I?” The Penguin just nodded and disappeared around the corner of the cabin, while Lola called out, “Well. Who was it anyway?”

“Oh. Wrong Number, I suppose?”

Lola storming out of the bathroom in her “Freshened State of Being”. “What do you mean by, Wrong Number? Are you keeping something from me?”

The couple went to their respective corners as the scene faded to black. The wind whistled relentlessly outside as a fierce Snowstorm moved in from the East.

“Gosh Lola. We don’t even need to go outside what with the Newsreel Guy filling in all of the details for us! I wonder though, where he is while we are living the life of Reilly Chicken, in the town of, or should I have said that in another way, like….”

Join us next time, when the story continues with Lola and B., two foreigners who quite possibly are “On the Lam” harboring unlawful penguins, and on the run from a crime most heinous, committed somewhere in a concept called Alaska…..