Winter Fun and Games

Lola and her mate, currently known as B. are discussing their life in the month of February, while on the Kenai Peninsula. B. interjects with, “that is in Our Alaska”, to which Lola beans him on the noggin with her…

“Are we really going to spend the whole winter just sitting here, discussing Penguin Fences and if my toenail polish has the right color to drive you mad?”

“Gosh Lola. That was direct and to the point, but if you would speak a bit slower next time, then I could manage to write it down in my up and coming book,”Famous words to eat Moose Flakes by”, which is about to be published on WordPr-

“Forget that Blog-business and talk to your one and only about the Real World! If you really want to get anywhere in this life, then you’d be better off by letting your “followers” get a life and stop reading your endless drivel!”

-“finishing writing” – endless drivel.

“Fine work my love, and ending that last statement with a word such as “drivel”. I would tell 10 of my friends to react to that, but as you well know, you’ve scared off most of them with your threats and…

“All I wanted to do, Mr Unknown, was to suggest that they examine their relationship with us and stop calling, writing and otherwise attempting to bother us with their problems, life-updates and other nonsensical whims and

“but that is what friendships and conversation are all about, my love” said in such a pleading way, that she must hear me out, if not for just us, but for the rest of humanity and its

“Like I said before” spoken by the woman with a name, a first one anyway “I don’t want to spend the whole winter on semantics and why your false-friends have deserted you!”

-looking up in the Kenai Book of Wisdom- “It says here, and I quote: Winter Doldrums are common for all Intelligent People living in the Northern Latitudes, with the exception of…..Need I say it out loud, Lola?”

Lola just looked at him, reading him like a Dirty Book, and not just any one, I might add, but one sanctioned by the Karibou X-ings Book of the Month Klub, at http://www.k

-continuing- Sledding – nope, not since your rifle “accidentally” fired that one winter and stopped me and Howie from sledding down the north-facing roof, -Sleigh-riding– nope again, especially after “someone” said that my only purpose for leaving our property was to visit a certain “Miss Cary Beau” and not to –

“That’s all well and good for you and your false recollections, but what are we going to do until the Spring Breakup actually happens in late-April or early-May* “asked the woman whose Fame and Dexterity with a certain 30-30 Winchester had exceeded the local area and had traveled all the way to Can-

“We are not going down that road again, now are we?” asked Lola as she peered into his book, continuing…

gold panning in the Klondike– “We could do that” she said, but knew about the proximity to the Country to their East and wondered how he would react to that?

“I’ll just make a quick call” she said and left him to his perusal of his Fantasy Book reading, while…

“We could always learn to walk like Penguins! I’ve heard that a new section of the Winter Olympics will be concentrating on that area, and if we beat them to the punch, then-

“Stop with that Penguin Snivel, and listen to me. I’ve just booked a week of fun and games in the town of Chicken! So find our snowshoes and call your Penguin-watching friend, if you have one that is, because Mr and Mrs unknown Last Name are hitting the road for the Extreme Eastern Portion of this Great State…..

“That’s Alaska, you Dolt!”

Join us next time dear readers as we journey to Chicken, Alaska with our hapless couple, “The Kenaians of well, Kenai Peninsula” as they attempt to enjoy Alaska at its finest, in the bustling town of Chicken. Population 7, 2010 Census…..