Snoozle, Wassel and Neezle

The three friends set out one day on a Grand Adventure, when Snoozle said,”

“Isn’t this just a rewrite of Lon, Lex and Louie? We might as well just start re-blogging your work instead of trying the patience of your few, if not fewer readers!”

“Why don’t we stroll down this country lane in search of-”

“The old you would have said,”Babes” but I never know what direction your imagination will be taking us this time?” said by someone who wouldn’t let me finish this Classic Tale of Friendship, Hardship and

“A Sinking Ship?” added the woman, who would be king, but that was another story in itself!

Wassel just sat down on a flattish stone and pondered a bit. “We could ask the Old Woman in the nearby Forest for her advice?”, which his friends thought it to be a Grand Idea, and went off the road through the underbrush.

When Neezle exclaimed suddenly, ” We -”

“You see, soon they will be meeting up with the 3 Moose in the Forest, where that sweet but well-endowed Forest Maiden with the body that wanted to Rock and Roll her Prince Charming, was still lying quietly in bed, waiting with bated breath for his strong arms to-”

“We mustn’t stray from our journey along this path.” To which the others just guffawed and stomped their feet in disgust! “You’ve always been the Wuss of the Family, haven’t you Neezle?” said while looking ahead in the hope of meeting the Forest Maiden and her obvious assets and talents overflowing. Wassel commented, ” Remember when we met her in the forest that one time with that bloke, Prints Sharmin, or something like that?” Snoozle just chuckled and added, “She dropped him like a hot lava rock from Mt Iliamna didn’t she?” which made them stop and laugh a bit while Neezle said, “I think that love is a beautiful thing, and shouldn’t be sullied by-”

“Are you sure this isn’t about those 3 Giraffe, Lon, Lex and Louie, who were on the Savanna trolling for Babes? It has the markings of your imagination, and we know how that works, or in this case, doesn’t!”

When night fell the three friends were camped just a stone’s throw from the Old Woman’s Cabin, but they dared not intrude on the Old Lady’s Privacy, unless…

“Just how old is that woman?” asked Wassel? “I mean, how do we know that she isn’t the Forest Maiden in disguise? She might be watching us right now with her-”

“Drone? Her Drone? Honestly Bunky, Kids today are not going to be fooled by your attempts to increase their reading skills, unless you appeal to them on what they know best!”

The 3 friends waited with bated breath at the door of the woman who they were certain of leading them on their path of righteousness!

“Lola, Honey. There is a knock at the front door. Be a dear and get it for me, won’t you?”

Lola had just about had it with his silence and denial about his reuse of elements from earlier blogs. Why wouldn’t he listen to her? Wasn’t she his Muse, the one who inspired him leading him to places that others only could dream about?

When she opened the door the first words heard were, “I knew it! She is a goddess, and one to write home about, what say you Boys?”

Lola slammed the door shut and bolted it, as she tried to gather her wits about her. What was the last thing he wrote? She tried to remember as her thoughts jumbled about, but couldn’t make heads nor tails of, of

She turned around and went back to where he had been sitting, saying “How did you – but she didn’t find him there. His usual place was empty, not even displaying one single sign of him having been there today at all!

She tiptoed back to the front door, opening it slowly. Nothing. There was nothing there at all?

He just leaned back in his chair and wondered if it was worth making her more crazy than he had succeeded in doing this side of 700 words, or should he just let sleeping Lolas lie?

“Oh Well”, he thought to himself. There will always be another story to write some other time, won’t there?….