Don’t.Won’t.Never Gonna Do.

A fellow blogger claims not to do photos on her blog, but she did, even when she didn’t, and at least twice, though it wasn’t never gonna happen. Not ever, but then…

Not being in Alaska, I won’t be doing pictures, not having, nor possessing, nor asking others to supply me with, what I wouldn’t be doing anyway!

So with that not said, and not admitting to not doing it before, now or ever again, I’ll just include a few non-photos of Aalborg, Denmark this early-December 2018.

Don’t ask, or plead with me to do so again, because I didn’t, wouldn’t want to not do so in the first place, which this will be, but not in the second place, which would qualify for making me into a teller of non-truths, which I would admit to doing, then deny any knowledge thereof!

Immediately north of the Town Square. Downtown Aalborg. December 2018
Nytorv. The town square. Aalborg December 2018
South of Nytorv 845am. December 2018
Jens Bangs Stenhus from 1624 amid delivery trucks in Downtown Aalborg.
A city bus decorated with paper cutouts made by local children.
Christmas Decorations in bus windows

That was not it, or was it the end of this blog, if you wondered when this typical non-photo blog was at its end. Like it now is…..