What is Hers, What Mine Isn’t

I hoped she took a few blankets along, because you never know how hard the ground is, or if it’ll be cold being so close to the water?

“Nice day for a look across the Cook Inlet”. I said, though with her living here and all, it was mainly for my benefit, that I said that.

“Yes”. She might have said, but the rest of our conversation is a bit sketchy, at best.

“It was nice of you to visit me, on such short notice” she said, as we only were used to late night/early morning chats, while the both of us were inside a house, somewhere.

“I’ve seen this view before” I said with my arm sweeping over the water, towards the Volcanoes in the background, across the water.

“Yes. That was a nice day. I was feeling fine, and I love the beach” she said, but I had read that before, and I knew she wasn’t much for showing pictures to others.

“You did take a number of Black and White photos, but not of Volcanoes”, I said, but it was as if we were just killing time with small talk.

“Are you comfortable sitting so close to me?” she asked with a troubled look on her face.

“Yes, I am actually, but we both know that this isn’t leading to anything other than being there for each other, not at any particular time, and with almost no strings attached”.

“You are very mysterious” she said but laughed afterwards as if I just had told another joke.

Time went by with both of us lost in our thoughts. I might have asked her something else, or considered doing so, but that would alter our friendship of sorts, and make things more difficult, the more we knew about our life’s details, and such.

“What is in the bag?” she asked at last, breaking the silence into Seagulls, that flew away crying and squawking noisily, as if to taunt me and my thoughts.

“Cucumber Sandwiches”. My grandmother used to make them when we visited the beach back in…….Well, back when I was younger.”

We just sat there again, munching away on our food, taking a drink now and again, and feeling as if we might, could do this again sometime.

“If you’ll do the talking next time?”, I asked with anticipation in my voice, “then you can fill in some of the gaps in this story, and take some of your favorite sandwiches along”.

She nodded as she munched away, and might have thought about something, she had wanted to ask me, but didn’t feel as if this were the time, nor the place.

While we packed what we had brought with us, I thanked her for the view of the Volcanoes along the Cook Inlet. “Nice place, you got here” I said, though it might have sounded a bit less than what she had expected of our departure, but she smiled all the same and said,”Glad you liked it. Next time, and I am hoping for a next time, we can do something else, while we are enjoying each other’s company!”

Nice thoughts. A nice person. A nice day…..





One thought on “What is Hers, What Mine Isn’t

  1. Next time, he should just ask all those questions on his mind. She just might answer. After all, you never know unless you try, right?
    That said, I love this. It paints such a wistful, wonderful picture in my mind. Like I’m right there. Part of the scene.


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