behind my ear, but she only said

what that would mean, what my snow tires, worn and tired of the incessant snow, but what Lola wanted, was a story in itself.

She objected to my lack of Capitals and poor sentence structure. I said that even though I had taken a course in English Composition 101 – The Metaphor, I didn’t get the grade, I wanted, but she said that it probably was due to some girl, who distracted my eyes from the important things, while I only wanted to lick her there!

It sounded to me like Lola was jealous again. It happened rather often when I’d start to relate how this and that occurred, but she only shook her pretty head and said, “If you weren’t so infatuated with women, we would have/could have been together long before the first time, we never met each other.

I wish, I would start telling her that joke again, because I knew it was a sure-fire way to end this conversation, this blog and only encourage a new run of Comments from person or person’s unnamed.

“Is she another one, I should be jealous of?” said Lola, breaking into my thoughts, while I asked her, “Have you ever heard the one about the two Canadians and the Alaskan, who walked into a bar in Moose Snout, when the one says…..


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    • I turn off the comment feature on some of the posts. If I’m in a really down mood, I find I don’t respond well to people so I just need to not read comments and to not read comments I turn the feature off. But fire away, sir. I think I can handle it today.


  1. I wouldn’t want to pressure you into something, you can’t handle. It was just a habit, you know? Once I’ve gotten into this comment/reply mode, it become a drug like anything else.

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