When Her Last Comment was

Where did you meet her? Someone might have asked me, but only if they knew what we had shared with each other.

Oh, There was just a random comment or two between us. She wanted to know why, but my explanation was lacking at best, but then she wrote again.

You might say we met in the Comment/Reply box. No, it was not love at first write, but as you get older, those kind of things don’t seem to come as easily as in our younger days.

Did she tease and tempt you with her style of writing?

Yes, No and Maybe would be the most easily understandable answers, but what do we really know of the person behind their letters, symbols and grammatical errors? Are we really who we let on to be, or was there a slip of the truth that was visible under her dress? Perhaps my collar was a bit too tight, or was it when Lola was tied to the hood of the truck, yelling “Take me you Sex God” that really cemented our use of the Comment?

Not all things require explanation, nor should they be commented on, but it is always nice with Feedback.

When her last comment was, and while I was considering my next reply, but I was almost choking on a Chicken Bone, while my Giraffe was parked outside waiting, then the page needed to be turned, and the comments fell off onto the floor.

-but there will be more of them to come, of that I am sure….


5 thoughts on “When Her Last Comment was

  1. ohmygod I just laughed way too loud
    Where to start, where to start..?🤔 Perhaps the beginning is best. That’s always a reasonable place. “Take me you sexy Beast… here, now…. **cough, cough** …” (hacks up chicken bone) “Where was I? Oh yes… the beginning…”


  2. Better watch out or, your comments will end up falling on the floor, and mixing with the Tundra Dust! I would claim the same thing to be happening, but as we don’t have Tundra in Denmark, I’d have to settle for dust, and having put it up my nose,as a poor man’s cocaine, was when I started thinking about the 2 Caribou and the Moose that went into that bar at the Moose Snout Resort. The one turned to the other two and said

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      • Sounds like a double entendre. It might be understood in two ways, or just one way with implications that tend to suggest something other than what was originally stated. Some people might take offense, while others would wonder why you never approached them with the same question? I feel privileged having experienced the best of both worlds, but as to your first comment, then I would most likely abstain, or my glasses might just fog up again.

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